Stress Management Strategies

Stress is a normal reaction that humans experience during their daily activities. Usually, these day to day bumps in the road do not affect us much and we can recover and continue with life. The issue arises when your level of stress remains high. When a person experiences this chronic stress it can become problematic. Chronic stress can affect your health and is a factor in several serious conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and increased blood sugar levels for individuals with diabetes. Chronic stress increases your ability to cope and is a trigger for high anxiety.

Some of the stress management strategies you discover can help put you in control of the stressful events you encounter in your life. Your clinician at FPA will be able to train you in a healthier course of action to cope with stress. You will be able to learn different ways to process your emotions. Your clinician will advise you how to approach stressful situations with a healthier perspective. You may learn how to better manage your time or achieve a healthy sleep routine. All of these strategies for handling the stress that is a daily part of life will assist you to feeling emotionally stronger.

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