Dennis Cozzens, MD

I have been Medical Director of Family Psychiatric Associates for 25 years. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, attended Wilmington College, then the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. I completed my adult psychiatry residency at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in New York City, my Child Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at Georgetown University and my Addiction Medicine Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic.

As a board certified adult, adolescent and child psychiatrist , I truly enjoy the work I do. My approach is direct and respectful. The best outcomes require the patient to be an active participant in their treatment. It is important to me that my patients understand why I have arrived at a particular diagnosis and what their choices are in treatment . As such, a collaborative approach is essential. In addition to diagnostic evaluations focused on psychopharmacological interventions and medication management, I also provide focused psychotherapeutic services.

Since I have been practicing over 25 years as a child and adolescent psychiatrist, I have had the privilege of seeing many of my patients grow through childhood, adolescents to adults and that has been most rewarding. As an Addiction Medicine specialist, I have had the privilege of assisting those with addiction progress to healthy substance free living. Overall, I am grateful to my patients for providing me with an opportunity to assist them in improving the quality of their life and families.

Dennis Cozzens, MD
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