We currently accept the following insurance carriers:

Anthem PPO in the Woodbridge location.

Carefirst PPO in the Alexandria location.

Carefirst Federal in both locations, Identification/Subscriber number must beging with an R and the group number must be 104, 105, 111 or 112.

Value options in both locations.

Cigna PPO in both locations.

Tricare Standard in both locations.

Military One Source/Kimberly Carr, LCSW

Please note: if you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that has Magellan as your mental health provider, we do not participate. Please call the mental health 800 number on the back of your card before making an appointment. You will need to ask specifically if your mental health benefit is through Magellan. If it is, you will be a private paying patient. Private pay rates can be obtained by calling either office.

  • Woodbridge, Va.: (703)897-8970
  • Alexandria, Va.: (703)824-8248
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