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The medical team, psychotherapists and staff at Family Psychiatric Associates (FPA) would like to welcome you to our website. We wish to commend you on the courage it takes to admit there is an issue that you wish to address. You have made the correct decision to seek assistance. There are some things we just cannot fix on our own. We need to seek the knowledge and expertise of others.

Thank you for considering the providers at our practice and trusting us with your care. This is a partnership that we take seriously. We will work with you to achieve the goals and results that you wish to reach in a respectful, caring and accepting manner. We encourage you to take the next brave step and schedule an appointment with one of our professional providers. It just may prove to be the best decision you ever make for yourself!

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If you wish to speak with a professional to discuss medication for a psychiatric disorder such as ADHD, anxiety, panic disorder or depression please seek an intake evaluation with Dennis Cozzens, M.D. or Mrs. Danielle Ronco, PMHNP, a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

You will be able to learn more about each of them on our “Meet Us” page. If you would like to start by talking with one of our clinical staff, then please feel free to select an intake evaluation with one of our therapists. These are all excellent and well skilled professionals that offer different strengths and areas of expertise that you can learn more about on our “Meet Us” page.

The important thing is that you have come this far. Take the next step and let your journey toward wellness begin today.


Clinical Specialties

The providers at FPA offer the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards of treatment to every patient in our practice. We strive to be inclusive of all people we serve. We will value your past experience, culture, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and age in a safe and supportive atmosphere of respect. At FPA, we recognize that patients have rights to be informed about their treatment. Our providers will strive to collaborate with you in your treatment and listen to what you need from us as your mental health providers.You have the right to ask questions about your treatment and be fully informed about the plan for your treatment. FPA abides by HIPPA regulations and will protect a patient’s right to confidentiality.

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Population served

The clinical staff at FPA provides psychiatric services to adults, adolescents and children. We offer individual therapy, play therapy, couples counseling and family therapy sessions. Our clinicians welcome the LGBTQ+ community and provide an accepting and supportive environment for psychological care. We offer a safe space for survivors of all forms of abuse to heal and be treated with dignity and compassion.

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