Effective Communication Skills

Most people learn to talk when they are small children, but few people learn to become effective communicators. It is estimated that the average person speaks a minimum of 7000 words each day. That is a minimum. Most people speak many more than 7000 words in a day yet how many of those words are spoken successfully? How well is a person understood? How successfully does a person make their point to others? In relationships, like marriages and friendships, being unable to express your needs or being misunderstood leads to frustrating and disappointing verbal interactions. In the work place, learning to become a good communicator benefits a person by becoming more successful with clients, coworkers and supervisors.

In counseling, the FPA therapist will recommend a patient become more effective by introducing techniques like the “5 C’s of Communication” or communication skills such as using affirming responses and appropriate empathy. Patients who become more effective communicators will soon recognize improvements in their relationships and careers.

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