Parent Management Training

Parent management training is a group of treatment techniques used to help parents with children who are experiencing behavioral health issues. Parent management training has been extensively researched with many controlled studies attesting to its efficacy (Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Volume 36, Issue 10, 1997) This approach helps families with acting out behaviors such as verbal aggression, ADHD or oppositional behaviors.

The clinicians at FPA have a great deal of experience treating not only children but parents who are challenged by a child struggling with behavioral issues. Our providers offer hope and new techniques to parents who have “tried everything” in their power to gain control over these often disruptive episodes. Many times these behaviors occur in the home or in public leaving parents frustrated and embarrassed. Other members of the family are also affected by these incidents. There is a different way. Our clinicians empower parents to regain control using positive reinforcement and creative parenting approaches that often lead to a calmer and happier home life for our families.

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