Trauma-focused Therapy

Trauma focused therapy helps patients to recognize how traumas that happened to them, even as small children, affect their current lives. Trauma focused therapy is effective with both children and adults who have experienced traumatic events. Our clinicians assist patients to understand how the trauma they experienced in their lives is connected to the unhealthy behaviors in their current lives. If left untreated, past traumas contribute to a myriad of problem areas such as anxiety, panic episodes, poor interpersonal relationships and angry or depressed moods just to name a few. Trauma focused therapy treats the issues you are experiencing from your trauma.

The clinicians at FPA recognize that trauma affects the body, mind and spirit of a person so a holistic approach is often woven throughout treatment. The clinician may combine coping skills, stress management techniques, emotional regulation or mindfulness and meditation strategies in the course of treatment for traumas.

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